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The Fight To Learn After School Program provides a safe space and structured activities during non-school hours so children ages 5-12 can learn, grow and socialize.

Fight To Learn operates Monday through Friday,
3:00 p.m-6:00 p.m.  

Fight To Learn is a unique established successful after school program that provides wonderful services to at risk school age children in Philadelphia. Offerings includes: computer training, homework tutoring, cultural enrichments, health & fitness, dental seminars, literacy enrichments, recreational & athletic activities, nutritional workshops, scrabble lessons and more.

Studies show that after school programs can serve effective academic and social benefits for youths. These programs play a vital role in keeping students engaged and out of trouble during non school hours. Education and youth empowerment are important to the quality of life and success of any City, County, Township, or Borough. After school programs not only keep children safe, they also contribute to many positive outcomes, including: fewer crimes, incidents of vandalism, improved academic performance, and decreased drug use among children and youth.

Our objective is to have 75% of the young people stay with Fight To Learn for the full enrollment period, thus one of the chief evaluation tools will be participant retention.   In addition, we will continually solicit feedback from the participants, their parents, and their teachers to evaluate the success of the program and determine how it can improve.  Our goal is to expand “Fight To Learn” into various locations in the Philadelphia and Suburban areas.  In the near future our vision is to become a national organization.

Rodney Moore

Rodney Moore

“Fight To Learn” Program
is founded by the President/CEO Rodney Moore, who is a former welter weight Boxing Champion and a Two Time Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee.

April 2018

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Who We Are, What We Do!

The Fight To Learn Program exists to give at risk children ages 5 to 12 the opportunity to improve their literacy, computer and social skills in a totally supportive environment under adult supervision.

Our goal is to prepare the children for successful and productive teen years, adult roles and responsibilities. This is important for the youth, their families and for our communities. – Read more...

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